The Triumph Of Ruin

by The Howling Void

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amorphisgarden Rarely does a new band to me instantly create a world in my head. As soon as I started listening to this I was immersed in its atmosphere and felt such epic sorrow mixed with determination for the journey ahead. As one with heavy burdens setting out to find the end of the earth. Heavy, patient, and immersive. Love it.
nathan breon
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nathan breon loved everything the howling void has done up to this point. this is the most immersive and diverse release yet. i cannt get over how perfect the vocals mesh with everthing. this will be the best doom album of the year for sure.
Frederick Jones
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Frederick Jones Hard to imagine this is just one guy. This is an amazing work of art. I love the chanted vocals as it gives it that little extra. Every song on this album is so good. I can throw this on and loose myself in the songs and forget everything around me. Favorite track: The Nine Worlds Wept.
Silent sorrow
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Silent sorrow When i thought nothing could top Shadows over the cosmos. I guess i was wrong! Clean vocals fit very well, thanks for this gem! Favorite track: Where Once A River Flowed.
Nils Müller
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Nils Müller I love how you get drawn into the songs and everything around you just stops existing for a few moments. Favorite track: Fenrir.
Tamino thumbnail
Tamino Very atmospheric and intense music! Very happy to have found this gem!


The Howling Void returns after 3 years with a brand new album of haunting, majestic folk/doom, continuing the evolution of sound which began on the "Runa" EP in 2013. "The Triumph Of Ruin" blends the traditional funereal atmosphere of previous albums with folk-inspired black metal touches. The end result is an album full of darkness, dread, and foreboding.

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released January 29, 2016



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The Howling Void San Antonio, Texas

Glacial meditations on the Mysteries.

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Track Name: Lords of Barren Fields
We are born into this cursed age
Burdened with the memory
Condemned to watch the rotten sun
Circle this dying orb
Yet we guard these furrows
Yet we stand in these lonely fields
Track Name: The Looming Darkness
This endless futile struggle against the looming darkness
Is not enough to break the spirit of those whom the gods adore
We will lay down among the weeds and ashes
From death shall spring life
Track Name: The Nine Worlds Wept
Track Name: Fenrir
I know all too well
Your haunting call in the night
A king among shadows
Dancing beyond the firelight
I am Odhinn slain by your claws
And I am Vidarr come riding upon that golden dawn
Track Name: Where Once A River Flowed
This furrow scarred into Earth
Will rise again
This fissure bathed in shadow
Will roar again
Track Name: Silence After The Storm
When the storm gives way to the gloom
When the Norns have spun their doom
When the cries have ceased to fill the air
They descend like shades of night